Eco-friendly Shaving Alternatives - A Father's Day Gift Guide

Buying a metal safety razor is not something my husband would have done for himself, but I slipped it into his routine because I knew the value in it and hoped that I would be able to convert him to an environmentally sustainable shaving system.

Now he sings the praises of the traditional metal safety razor and shave soap to anyone willing to listen.

Sure, he appreciates the perfectly close shave, the handling of a quality product, and the environmentally-friendly aspects... but what really makes him smile is the incredible cost savings... and that is where I won him over.


Most of us are aware of the obscene markup on today's name brand plastic razors. We cringe at the checkout but consider the purchase to be a necessary evil. I did a quick estimate for the price of replacement razor heads by leading manufacturers today, and the cost is approximately $2.00 per unit.

Alternatively, you can purchase a pack of 100 traditional razor blades for $13.49.

That comes to only $0.13 per blade.


The EPA estimates that 2 billion plastic razors are thrown away every year.

Two billion every year.

Plastic pollution near the remote Desventuradas Islands, hundreds of miles off the coast of Chile. Photo credit: National Geographic
Plastic pollution near the remote Desventuradas Islands, hundreds of miles off the coast of Chile. Photo credit: National Geographic


A metal safety razor is a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

Replacement razors, when purchased by pack of 100, will only need to be purchased again many, many years down the line. (A razor typically lasts one month for my husband, and at least three months for myself).

A puck of shaving soap will last 12-18 months with daily use.

Think of all the trips to the drugstore you will be able to avoid for replacements.


While considering the switch, my husband mistakenly believed that he would be compromising for a lesser-quality shave. He was pleasantly surprised to discover that wasn't the case at all. Metal safety razors provide an exceptional shave in comparison to their over-priced plastic counterparts.

The components of a Sustainable Shaving System:

1. Metal safety razor - I prefer this brand for it's non-slip grip and their excellent customer service.

2. Shaving brush and stand set - This shaving brush has a wooden handle and badger bristles for end-of-life biodegradability.

3. Shave soap - You can expect this type of shaving soap to last 12-18 months with daily use. The soap puck shown is easily melted into a shaving mug (we used a coffee mug).

4. Replacement blades - Astra Brand razors are wrapped in paper, which makes these products and packaging fully recyclable.

An image of metal safety razor, sahve brush, stainless holder, and shave soap
The components of a Sustainable Shaving System

With Father's Day right around the corner, it is the perfect opportunity to introduce this superior and environmentally friendly shave system to the dads in your life. This zerowaste switch is a no-brainer, and a benefit to both the user and our environment. It is one more simple step that can be taken to ensure that the legacy we leave on this planet, and for our children, is a positive one.

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