3-ingredients (you already have) Glass and Surface Cleaner

I used to be that girl who would wander the cleaning aisles at Target looking for pretty labels and the latest cleaning products for all of the various surfaces in my home. Then I discovered Zero Waste Home and the lovely Bea Johnson.

"Clean your home with vinegar and water?!! No way! That’s too simple... simply brilliant!"

I cleared out my cabinets and filled a box with extra cleaning products, labeled them FREE, and placed them into my shared apartment laundry room to be happily devoured by the other tenants. (Products I kept: Dr. Bronner SalSuds and Bon Ami powder cleanser).

Then, I purchased a $2 gallon of vinegar and never looked back.

To make:

Start with a 16oz Glass spray bottle with spray nozzle (glass is essential when you are working with essential oils).

Fill your glass bottle (you can find them here):

1/3 vinegar

2/3 water

20 drops of essential oils (I enjoy lemongrass, geranium, lavender, or even peppermint)

I use this homemade spray cleaner on glass, counters (not stone), sinks, toilets, and other surfaces. I keep one in the kitchen and an additional spray bottle in each bathroom for quick and easy cleaning.

Custom label:

I've created a custom cleaning label PDF for your use. All you need to do is download this PDF and print the file onto your choice of label paper. I used this one from Amazon: Vinyl Sticker Paper.

surface and glass cleaner label
Download PDF • 2.08MB

I'd love to know what you think in the comments - in particular, which essential oils do you prefer to use in your home?

Happy cleaning :) - Heather a.k.a. "Intentionalism"

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