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Natural ingredients, compostable packaging made from recycled materials, intoxicating scents of lavender and lemongrass -

Natural Vegan Club is generously offering one of their monthly-subscription bundles of products to one of you!

The winner will be treated to a variety of natural soaps and shampoo, deodorant, lip balm, a loofah sponge, and a fully-compostable bamboo toothbrush.

I am always excited for the opportunity to partner with a company who is paving the way for sustainable practices.

The Giveaway

Winner will receive a Natural Vegan Brand shipment of goodies including:

  • Natural Deoderant

  • Natural Lip Balm

  • Lavender Ecstacy Shampoo Bar (x2!)

  • Sweet Orange Hand Soap

  • Lemongrass Zen Body Wash Bar

  • Natural Loofah Sponge

  • Bamboo Toothbrush (with biodegradeable bristles!)

Rules of this Giveaway:

Shipping to U.S. and Canada only.

1. Subscribe to the Intentionalism blog (form in the website footer).

2. Follow Natural Vegan Club on Instagram @Naturalveganclub.

3. Tag a friend in the comments on the @intentionalism IG post here.

Multiple entries are allowed! Whoop! (Please use separate comments)

The winner will be randomly chosen and contacted on Tuesday, February 12, at noon (Pacific time).

Best of luck!

"We believe in toxin-free food-grade products because our skin is our largest organ. We believe in our individual and company wide environmental impact and using packaging and methods as friendly as humanly possible." - Natural Vegan Club

For more information about Natural Vegan Club's products, subscription options, and to receive free samples - visit their website.

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