About Me


A Pacific Northwest native, wife to a loving husband, and mother of two - I’m a gardener, entrepreneur, dreamer, and a beach bum all rolled into one.

These days I attempt to juggle homeschooling and taking any time I can to advocate for sustainable living.   

Intentionalism was born out of a desire to share my family’s lifestyle with a wider audience, with the hope of contributing to a cultural shift that I feel is desperately needed, one that is spreading like wildfire!

I’m excited to be a part of a community that questions mass-consumerism and acknowledges the scourge of plastic on our earth. I’ve sailed to remote islands and have witnessed the plastic pollution washed up on shore first-hand.      

As a mother, I care about the legacy we are leaving for future generations. I don’t want them to inherit our mistakes.  

So as a family, we strive to live by our values - by minimizing our waste, considering purchases carefully, valuing experiences over things, adopting a more minimalist lifestyle, and transforming our yard into food-producing gardens. 

I started this journey a long time ago. Along the way I have been inspired by others and my interests have merged into this life I call “intentionalism”.

I hope you will feel empowered to live more intentionally, to share what you’ve learned, and to create ripples of change among your friends, family, and communities.  


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